Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sometimes it hurts so bad sometimes it hurts to much

I am having ok days at the moment and bad days ,I am missing my wee mum so much .this house and my heart are empty without her .I am lost in a fog of the last years and the mistakes I made and from others are at the forefront of my mind ,I know we had good days and joy over the last 5 years and certainly had much Joy as I grew up with a wonderful mum and dad .I also know that in time I will look back at this with a clearer head ,but it was to hard ,there where to many mistakes and not enough understanding from within and from to many around us and the last months when my mum was very poorly seemed like I was the only one who understood this .i just miss her and wish I had the chance to do it all again and do it6 better and demand better from others but there is one thing I can do better and that is raises awareness so that others have a better understanding of what lyses ahead and wont sit like I do looking back  with regrets .and sit  missing an incredible mum who against all odds against all that was happening made her son a better man. Now isn’t that something with all my wee mum faced at the end her smile and love was the strongest part of both our lives and thats the message I will take wherever I go on my awareness campaign ,that’s what parents do they make their children stronger and better

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  1. Awh Thomas my heart goes out to you, I'm still very sad too, as I loved my Auntie Joan so much, as the old saying goes "one day at a time", keep busy and also remember all the good things that you have done. love Elaine x


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