Friday, 26 October 2012

Having a Dementia moment, is that the best way for someone working in care to describe forgetting a name?

I don’t want to become precious or touchy or difficult ,on my travels last week raising awareness I was sitting in an office waiting to speak to someone who works advising carers for a chat about my campaign .Whilst waiting the person got mixed up with the names of someone being discussed and proclaimed in front of me sorry I was just having a dementia moment .You see I sad goodbye to my mum 4 weeks ago after 5 years of dementia and caring and our dementia moments where not mixing up the odd name ,they where for the last years forgetting 73 years of a life ,loves and memories. dignity and respect being attacked and affected ,being unable to talk ,walk ,eat or swallow fluids and confined to bed for the last 6 months ,and how I wish it was getting a name mixed up ,as I could have helped with that so easily. this for me is the biggest hurdle we face with dementia UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT ,we need to start disusing dementia more openly for all that it is .otherwise families will suffer behind closed doors and across some of the care Sector Dementia is not forgetting where the car keys are for 10 years of your life  or mixing up the odd name its much more than that as I have witnessed for 5 years and will struggle for ever to recover from .we need to get the people who claim to and should know better to be more understanding as well as the wider society otherwise people will never get the understanding ,respect ,help and treated with the dignity they deserve
Having a dementia moment ,I am having I think you need more training moment for the person concerned   


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