Friday, 5 October 2012

Home alone, this house is no longer a home

I am not sure where to start as I sit writing this, I was out earlier to day speaking at an NHS event about caring for my mum and the life stories I receive and as tough as it was in many ways it felt right ,that’s what I have been doing for the last year ,telling ours and others stories and that’s what I hope to continue doing . before as a son caring for his mum and now as a son who cared for his mum ,even though it was really my mum who cared for me .I have often talked about loneliness and isolation over the last months ,but I was never truly lonely, not with my mum by my side ,not with her smile ,courage and greatness but I am lonely tonight as I have been for the last weeks .Even when our cry for help was to often ignored my mum got us through it. During our darkest days my mum with all she faced got us through it even when it seemed impossible.Now the courage the greatness the love and the memory of my mum will I hope get me through the next weeks and months and part of that will be continue to talk about my mum ,the life stories  and raise awareness
I might be alone in this house and it might not feel like a home but I am a lucky man I am Joan whitelaws son ,and even with my wee mum gone she is doing what she has always done getting me through it

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