Sunday, 14 October 2012

Discovering Dementia I hope to make a new film

For the last wee while I have been hoping to make a new film with the working title Discovering Dementia, A film about dementia from getting a diagnosis till end of life .the need for me to make this film is drawn from the lack of understanding on dementia of many within the care sector and the wider public .the problem I face and have always faced is I have no funding but that has not stopped my desire to raise awareness in the past and will not deter me in the future .i want to take the understanding of dementia to a wider public and make dementia a discussion that is no longer whispered behind closed doors but discussed and understood by the many . Most of the issues my mum and I along with to many others i have met or received life stories from came from a lack of understanding within and a lack of understanding by to many we looked to for guidance and advice .until we take the discussion to a wider audience then people will keep facing the struggles and lack of understanding far to many of us have faced or are facing as we sit today .This film will be made ,and I hope soon and I hope it helps others sit with less regrets than I sit today looking back at our 5 year journey and a mum who deserved better than she got and to often better than I was able to give .a film that give more peolpe the chance to understand ,live ,love  and cherish their loved ones and free for all to use and access


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  1. Great idea, hope it will come off the ground.
    our organisation just recently worked with MEDIA CO-OP , based in Bridgeton, and we would recommend them to you Tommy, very helpful people and they did a great job. see our website


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