Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Today meeting with Caledonian Uni team to discuss paper on life stories then speaking at Glasgow South East Carer Center tonight


I am meeting researchers and lecturers from Caledonian University nursing health and  social care science today to discuss and formulize a paper on the life stories I have collected to date and still  to collect .I hope we can agree and produce a paper that tells the story of living with and caring for a loved one with dementia and tells helps bring more understanding on how we live ,feel and the emotional impact we face or have faced .i will then be speaking at    South East Carers Centre (Julie young) for allowing me to pass by this  evening to discuss and update on my wee awareness’ campaign I spoke to some of the group members about a year ago just before my walk round Scottish towns and cities and look forward to speaking again ,updating on my progress and hearing from all who attend

You can get more details on the group at the link below

South East Carers Centre
The Dixon Community
656 Cathcart Road
G42 8AA
Tel: 0141 423 0728


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