Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tommyontour Stand at the SNP conference Perth Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Well I will be traveling up and down to Perth, Friday Saturday and Sunday and will have a wee Tommyontour Dementia carer voices Stand hoping to meet and chat with as many ,Msps ,Councilors and all who attend about Caring for my wee mum ,The life stories I receive and the people I have met on my Tommyontour campaign over the last year I would like to thank the Deputy First Minister for taking time to allow a son who carer for his mum for 5 years the chance to tell their and the other stories collected to as many people as possible in the hope of in some small way raising more awareness and understanding This campaign has always been about people and by people and I thank the SNP  for recognizing this and for allowing me to attend
I hope if you are there you will come by and say hello

handing over life stories to the Deputy Fisrt Minister last year ,who also made a private visit to meet my wee mum Joan at home a few weeks before she sadly passesd away on Sept 22nd


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