Monday, 22 October 2012

Meeting earlier today re Dementia working group Glasgow City Council based on my motion passed back in February

I was out earlier this morning for a meeting at Glasgow City  Council with Councilor Kerr  and Ann Cumming from social work to discuss the new Dementia  working group being set up based on a motion I Had passed last February on my campaign and life stories there was a wee bit of confusion at first re the meeting but I had a long chat with Councilor Kerr about a variety of topics mainly caring for my mum .Any way we eventually sat down and discussed the working of the group and project .I  will post more details once sent what I can say is that the life stories I have to date and still to receive will be part of this group and I will represent the life stories and my 5 years caring for my mum as best I can so if you live in Glasgow any thoughts and opinions are welcome in order to help others .I also hope to invite some of the carers I have met to future meeting once a formula is in place to take part .this motion was passed by the words of people and should be directed by people and not only the opinions of service providers who are funded by the council and social work
People at the center and I will protect the voices of carers at all time in this motion
with thanks to Cllr Kerr for his time (again) and support along with Ann who has been great help as my campaign has grown

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