Sunday, 7 October 2012

Speaking today at well being /health event Kirkintilloch Baptist Church (East Dunbartonshire council)

Well I am off early this morning to speak to speak at the first of two events this week being held by East Dunbartonshire council .the one today is part of the councils wellbeing and health week and is being held at Kirkintilloch Baptist Church .the event is on all day and the well being events for the week  I am speaking around 11am this morning about Dementia,caring for my mum and the life stories I receive as with all I do this in on a voluntary basis and self funded
Councillor Michael O’Donnell, Convener of Social Work who will be opening the events at both Kirkintilloch Baptist Church and Bearsden Baptist Church said, “The programme of these wellbeing awareness events is designed to be informative and enjoyable.  The events are free of charge and no tickets are required.  If you are looking for an opportunity to find out more about support that is available to you or would like to discuss a health issue that is affecting you or a loved one, I would encourage you to come along


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