Thursday, 25 October 2012

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

I have been trying to keep myself busy since my wee mum passed away 4 weeks ago,trying to put all my efforts into growing my wee awareness campaign I started in my mums name and with our personal story .A story that’s has been shared across the world in many ways and been added to by the stories from many other families facing the same
circumstances ,struggles ,and Joy that we faced Its important I keep this story going my mum and I started together and its important that I continue for all the life stories I have received and have still to receive.Its important as we need more understanding on both Dementia and caring across society.When  doing talks or rasing awareness  I feel strong and that my wee mum is by my side.but like many others i am papering over the cracks of my life .papering over the broken heart that I tried to hide from my mum  during the years caring and witnessing and the  broken heart of watching my mum fade in front of my eyes  over the saddest last months of her and my life and the broken heart I have each time I walk into this empty house and my mum is not hear .So what becomes of the broken hearts  that  so many people have after the intense journey that Dementia and caring for a loved one brings ,sitting here this morning I don’t know Will this broken heart ever heal ,right now I cant see or feel it

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  1. I love the new picture on your blog. What a tribute to your relationship. Peace to you, Tommy.


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