Sunday, 30 September 2012

Thank you …………………

I would like to thank you for all the kind comments  over the last months and the words of comfort over the last weeks ,I am truly grateful ,we said goodbye to mum yesterday and celebrated her life we where surrounded by family and friends and with the messages and words from people we have not yet met ,who got to know a wee bit about my mum through our awareness campaign My mum was kind loving caring person would have so thankful for the support given to our campaign and her life my mum is now free of dementia and the daily struggle she faced and I as her son and carer the struggle to witness and to often give her the support she needed ,but our story will continue ,the campaign will continue and I hope in some small way we can be part of finding a better journey for others
This house does not feel like a home today and my heart does not feel whole, life will never be the same and I hope I can heal some of the scars left behind from the struggle we faced

Thank you to family, friends, people we know, people we have yet to meet in person .and all who added value during the last years and supported our time caring for mum at home

Thank you for the support to our wee campaign, for the life stories received. The people I met on my tour, on twitter, on Facebook on this journey of awareness thank you to all who supported or added value to my mums care and to the peolpe who took time to listen

thank you to Joan Whitleaw for being the best mum a son could ever wish for and for caring for me through all my i am a lucky man to have such a mum
The memory of my mum will never fade and the campaign I do in her name will continue

Thank you

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