Thursday, 6 September 2012

Dementia forever, changing forever challenging but my mum is still my great wee mum

 As dementia does it brings new challenges, and A constant  search to find a way to adapt and get by .At this stage of the journey they are coming quickly, the doctor was out this morning with the blood results and  to give my mum a check up, we are trying to fend off dehydration at the moment as my mum is not eating so good and not interested in drinking at all .that is a big problem as my mum has been very weak as of late .there is no need thankfully for  mum to be admitted something we discussed a couple of days ago for fluids and so on ,so I am relieved by that.This illness is ever changing and ever challenging. But it  cant change the greatness that is my mum and we will face every challenge it brings .My mum does with love and a smile and I will try and match her courage for as long as I can and as long  it’s the best thing for her..and at the moment its here with her son

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