Sunday, 16 September 2012

tomorrow Speaking boardroom Gartanvel royal hospital NHS gg&c

 Good Morning
I will be speaking to department heads on Thursday in the Boardroom at Gartanvel Royal Hospital this Thursday as part of my tour within  NHS gg&c with great thank to Con for setting this up ,I have a few talks coming over the next weeks at NHS events and believe its important that carers like me get the opportunity to speak about life caring for someone we love have say also I am overwhelmed by the kind messages of support from the students who study health and social care at Reid Kerr College .i was a guest speaker there last week and I have been moved by the response to my talk and their words encourage me to keep going out and speaking to as many people as I can about caring for my mum ,the letters I receive and the people I meet. as a carer its encouraging to hear the passion from the care sector workers of the future and I find their passion reassuring and the have cemented my determination to speak and rasie awareness to as many people as I can   

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