Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mum being in hospital, we are both out of our comfort zones


I am just back for visiting mum at hospital this afternoon and mum is looking quite frail and tired. I am finding visiting my mum twice a day to be quite uncomfortable for many reasons the ward is lovely and the nurses are very attentive and inclusive but all through this journey my mum has spent very little time in hospital .A month ago when mum had the seizure and last week when she was re-admitted is the first time in years and we are both defiantly out with our comfort zones  For me it’s a difficult process having someone else care for my mum along with the worry about my mums health and missing her its all a wee bit stressful and I can seem to settle down at visiting ,it all feels so different also seeing my mum in a hospital and in many ways looking with fresh eyes as opposed to trying to give her care and time has enlightened me more to how frail my mum and is a wee bit upsetting .My cousin Agnes came with me today and although she is my mums niece she was brought up with my mum like a wee sister as her mum took care of my mum as my mums own mother died when she was 4 and her dad when she was 7,that bond was obvious when my mum gently held her face with a smile that said I know who you are and I am glad you are here. in fact this has encouraged me to sit with my mums sister Margaret and my cousins some time soon to tell the remarkable story of our large family long before I was born and what helped make  my mum the incredible kind person she is and I believe that comeS from facing tragedy at such a young age and the kindness and care from others lwithin this large special family  

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  1. Dear Thomas,
    Fiona and I met you last night outside the hospital. There were so many things I could and wanted to say but there was not the time as we are both looking after our Mothers. I wanted to let you know how inspirational you are to me. You have devoted such time and effort to so many people around the country and now your hard work is paying off for a lot of these people and the future generation.I want to wish you are the best and we are thinking of you during this difficult time.
    Thank you.
    Kindest Regards,
    Tony MacCrimmon.


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