Monday, 10 September 2012

Not such a good day…………….

Good Eveninig
Well it been another tough day to add to the list of many we have faced before .my wee mum is much more distant and its taking a lot of encouragement for mum to open her eyes .although awake she is tending more and more to  keeping her eyes closed ,more worryingly is my mum is having big problems swallowing liquids and is not refusing but the link to drinking then swallowing is going .This can have big impacts on her health and how quickly we can get her home there where also another couple of issues that I was unhappy about but I have taken them up privately at the moment. my personal view and hope is to get my mum home as quickly as possible as in my mums case and how her dementia affects her she loses little things that we are desperate to hang on to at this stage all too quickly and I have the time to help her hold on to every inch of greatness that she has at home. So we are all at a difference of opinions at the moment .but one thing for sure this mum will come home to her son that’s my promise to my mum .I have just popped home for clean PJs and so on and back down to try and help with mums dinner and keep her company

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