Monday, 3 September 2012

Speaking , Reid Kerr College to health and social care students next week

 A big thanks to Maureen Macpherson head of health and social carer at Reid Kerr College and Carmen Cham one of the students for making contact and inviting me to speak to health and social care students on September 12th .the college and students are doing a module on dementia and caring this term and I look forward to speaking about caring for my mum ,the letters I receive and the people I meet on my tour
Big thanks to Maureen, Carmen and the college for the invite


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  1. Hi Tommy great work you are doing, have you seen this website it is in the infancy stage at the moment but I am also trying to create awareness of Dememtia and offering a service that is bespoke. Let me know your thoughts, all feedback is greatley appreciated


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