Friday, 7 September 2012

Thank you for the kind wishes, support and a wee update on my mum

Firstly thank you for the amazing kind messages of support via Twitter, facebook and my blog for a son and his mum who starred a wee awareness campaign much of it based on the loneliness and isolation long term conditions and caring brings its overwhelming that there are so many lovely people out there most of whom who we nave never met in person but feel we now know and value the support and kindness shown with all of our heart. I have just retuned from the hospital and my wee mum is looking better after some fluids and so on .I had a long chat with the consultant. And my mum will be in for 5-6 days and much effort will be put towards looking for any underlying issues that may have caused or added to this quick decline in mum’s health ,we also have to look at the best and proper guidance and support package that allows  what ever the outcome of the tests to get my mum to her house and give her the care she needs,that’s what we have always tried to achieve, but it has never felt as important as it does just now that we get this right

Thank you
Tommy and Joan

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