Saturday, 8 September 2012

just don’t know what to do with myself.

I was up at 6am this morning and automatically I walked straight to my mum’s room. And the emptiness and worry I feel asleep with came rushing back; life caring involves love routines .worry, struggles, joy sadness, pride, doubts and a strong bond. And a bond that in my case has increased more than my 45 years previous as a proud son to the last 5 years as mums son and carer With all the struggles dementia has brought to my mum and to me as her son it has also increased how proud I am of her  and I cherish the joyful moments, the happy moments they are so much more meaningful now. I know my mum will get great care at the hospital but  I still  worry about all the little things that help my mum get through each day and if the small personal details are being taken care of along with the medical ones. Since getting up this morning I have cleaned this house beyond clean. my mums room has is ready and waiting and I have paced around the house a bit lost  for the last hours and days ,certainly lonely and counting the hours till I can visit .It just reinstates how much not only does my mum need me but just how much I need her .and has me thinking what about all the people across the country who have devoted their lives for may different reasons to care long term, many people for much longer than I. What Happens to these people who have devoted theirs lives to give love and care when this comes to an end whether that be the loss of a loved one or a loved one may now be in residential care. What process is in place to help them recover,Live and start the process of finding themselves again My mum has only been in hospital  for a couple of days and I don’t know what to do with my self.The people who have cared for loved ones in the past are firmly on my mind today ,we should not forget them and all the have given

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  1. Many caregivers volunteer after a loved one has passed. There are so many lonely people in nursing homes that don't have any family for support and would love to just have someone sit and talk,or listen to them. You can check with social services to see where the need is greatest, also there may be friends that you know that are caregivers also and could use some time out,or a holiday...the potential is there look around you...take care of yourself also...:)


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