Friday, 28 September 2012

A night of reflection. Preparing to say goodbye to mum

The last week has been a blur as has the last 5 years. it still does not seem real that my wee mum has passed away and my mind has been a mix of sorrow and trying to organize my wee mums funeral .I spent the day sitting with my wee mum at the parlor as family and  friends popped in for private moments and  to pay their respect along with  moments of reflection, Tomorrow morning we celebrate the life of my wee mum and say our final goodbyes and then I hope to make more sense of the journey we faced ,but that was only the last 5 years tomorrow we celebrate a lifetime of kindness ,love and a mum who welcomed all into her home and heart  a mum who will be sorely missed by all she met
We thank you for the kindness shown and the messages sent over the last difficult months and week and I go to bed tonight proud to be Joan Whitelaw’s son and for the last years having been allowed the  privilege to care for her
it was a struggle for us both on too many occasions but we got thruogh it together

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