Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thank you to the councilors who took time to come and say hello this morning


 Firstly apologies again to Lockerbie carers I was meant to be getting the train down to meet some of them this morning but had to change at the last minute as my mum is getting home ,I had to go to the hospital this morning to learn a few things about changes for my mum coming home today once her new medication is ready  I then nipped over to Glasgow city  council to hand in updated reports on my letters and campaign With thank to councilor Kerr for setting up the short meeting we also popped my reports in to the pigeon holes for all the councilors at GCC .A big thank you to all the councilors who came by to collect reports in person and say hello I will add some photos later .just got home to drop off some food before going back to hospital to collect my mum and bring her home and will update more later once I get a chance


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