Wednesday, 26 September 2012

With thanks to the Herald Scotland for the tribute to my wee mum and our campaign today

Thank you once again for the messages, cards and words of support since my wee mum passed away on Saturday it has been of great comfort Today has been quite a difficult day and I have struggled a wee bit as this house no longer feels like a home .Im missing my wee terribly today and always will I would also like to thank the Herald Scotland’s Russell Leadbetter for his very personal tribute to mum and our wee awareness campaign .Russell composed the first article over a year ago about Dementia and caring for my mum followed by an article about some of the life stories I collected ,Russell met my mum at home and I am very honored that he took the time to compose a wee tribute in today’s Herald Scotland .Journalist have had their  share of bad press over the last months.Russell is an example of a journalist who took time to listen ,understand and tell the story of a son caring for a mum and both mum and I concider him a friend    
You can read  the article at  a caring friend
Thank you for all the support and thank you Russel and Herald Scotland


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