Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Strength, Weakness, Sadness, Joy

Its been a particularly tough morning, the truth is my mum is very unwell add on top of that the scramble to ask others to keep pace with this decline is frustration and adds to anxiety we feel trying to care for someone, We have faced massive changes over the last 6 weeks to my mums all around health and a rapid decline  with dementia
This is ultimately  end of life care but  I am the only person aware of this even though it’s the advice I have been given,I have spent 5 years chasing my tale and to often getting help when it is of no value. if the help would have been put in place when needed ,requested or discussed then our chance to live each day increases but its different now this is the chance to have end of life care over the next months with dignity ,support ,understanding and less red tape. Phone calls, misunderstandings  care .there has to be a better way when you ask or dare I say plead for help ,that the first response is can you cope ,the first response should be how can we help
Our strength is in a constant battle with weakness and our Joy in a battle with sadness and to often an all round battle to heard

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