Wednesday, 12 September 2012

With thanks to the staff and students at Reid Kerr College health and social care

A big thanks to Maureen Macpherson head of health and social care and all the students who invited and attended my we talk this morning in the lecture room at the college It was a privilege to speak about caring for my mum, the letters I receive and the people I meet and I hope in some small way it help these young students who will one day be in the front line supplying carer to families like mine. Its encouraging to be invited, to meet to discuss and speak to students and also to hear their questions along with the words about dignity care and respect spoken by Maureen the lecturer after I had done my wee bit .i wish them all luck for the future and hope they go on to add value to the lives of the people they in the world of caring.thanks to the students for listening Thank you for such a big turnout and here is a wee photo with some of the students
just got home and off to the hosptial to sit with my wee mum ,looking forward to getting her home tomorrow

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  1. Thank you for coming Tommy, was great to hear such an inspirational figure open up to us as you did. Really opened my eyes on my future career and I wish you all the best.


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