Thursday, 20 September 2012

The longest of nights, with hope in our hearts for hour’s ahead, thank you for messages of support

Thank you for kind messages of support, we have been by my wee mums side for the last 24 hours and I have taken a short break to freshen up and prepare for the hours ahead .we are grateful for the kind messages that helped us through last night and today. We are preparing for news today that will break my heart but we sit with hope and love by the side of incredible, brave inspiring person who I am lucky to call my mum and proud to be her son Joan Whitelaw my wee mum and best pal


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  1. Im sure your mum will give you the strength to get throught this final journey as you have been with her every step of the way so far but to have final peace she must complete the last part of the journey on her own. She will know that she has left a wonderful son behind her, a son she is and always will be proud of and will cherish the fact that you have walked the journey with her til she had to go forward on her own. God Bless you all at this difficult crossroads in life. AM x


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