Tuesday, 4 September 2012

it’s not my campaign it’s for everyone who cares,needs care who sends a life story and beyond

Raising awareness and campaigning is my passion, after caring for my mum. There is no real headline to my campaign. First and foremost its to raise awareness in my case on dementia and caring ,my mum has Vascular Dementia and I am her son and carer, one thing I have learnt since starting this campaign is that there are many other reasons to need or give care .when I started this campaign from loneliness, isolation and the struggles dementia and caring brings I thought its only us living this life ,I was soon to find out we where not alone and many many others  where facing  similar and many greater struggles than we do but this campaign is not about Tommy and Joan ,we are part of it ,its about all the Fathers ,Mothers ,husbands, wives sons ,daughters ,brothers sisters and families who wake up today doing the best they can to give care sometimes against all odds to someone they love .Tommy and Joans story is one of the stories amongst many that’s why there is no headline to this campaign the collection of life stories without guidance will decide the headline , and will highlight the needs and the diversity of  issues we face .I might be the one taking those stories to decision makers or to raises awareness but I allow them to speak for themselves. I firmly believe our life stories can help bring more understanding and help and I am proud and feel privileged  to take them to all I feel need to read them and can bring more help, there is no headline from me ,but its there within every letter I collect and every carer I have met and still to meet
You life in your words
You can help me, and others by sharing your story, thoughts or opinions at tommy@i-woz-ther.com

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