Thursday, 27 September 2012

And I love you so

 I was out early this morning trying to finalize my wee mum’s funeral it has not quite hit me yet,we lived in a routine at home and at certain times of the day I feel I should be getting things done and that’s when I feel the pain and loss the most .The minister has been round to discuss my wee mums service,it will be a very simple affair as my mum was never one for a fuss around her
We have chosen three songs, one from my dad as we enter the service Perry Como and I love you so.My dad loved mum with all his heart as she did with him .Dementia brought many struggles to us but taking away my mums memory of my dad was the cruelest trick of all, We will then have matt Munro singing somewhere over the rainbow as my mums personal remembrance song ,she mentioned this to many over the years.After the service we will leave to running to stand still by u2.The lyrics describe in may ways the struggleS she faced and my feelings on many occasions.We have one hymn  all things bright and beautiful because she was..My mum was a remarkable ,kind ,loving person and I leave you with the line from the  song her wee husband Tam would sing to her at every  party and I love you so because he did  and all who met her felt the same

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