Monday, 24 September 2012

The emptiness inside

The last few days have been pretty tough ,I am still in shock over the loss of my wee mum Joan on Saturday ,the messages of comfort received have been of great help since Saturday and I thank you from this broken heart, its all a bit confusing at the moment and the last 5 years seem like a blur .I knew my mum was very ill lately but it all seemed to happen so quickly .it has been a holiday weekend up here in Scotland and I have to get up early tomorrow to organize my wee mums funeral and even typing this does seem real We faced many many tough times over the last years. I hope when I can think more clearly and have said my last goodbyes to mum I can concentrate enough and find the strength to celebrate in words the greatness of my mum. For 5 years I was mums  full time carer as well as her son but as I sit here just now its painfully obvious how much I needed my mum and in many ways she was my carer too .We where a team, we are so grateful for the kindness from people we know in person and from people we have never met and you have all helped fill some of  the emptiness I feel inside .I  thank you all and I am so proud privileged to be Joan Whitelaw’s son
Thank you

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  1. I hold you in my thoughts and prayers, Tommy, as you lay your mother to rest.


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