Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mum coming home later today speaking at Glasgow city council this morning

a Good Morning to you All  
Well firstly my wee mum is coming home this afternoon, it’s not without issues and more difficult times ahead but its glorious feeling in my heart this morning. I have struggled this week without my wee mum its been full of worry and painfully lonely and I cant wait to get her home .I know after speaking with the consultants that difficult days are ahead, but then we have had many difficult days in the past .So lets get her home and see how we can face the new challenges together, its my hope to keep strong and push this broken heart to the side, I have to in order not to let my wee mum down. If I can match my mums courage and strength we will get by as best we can, this morning I am off to Glasgow City Council to speak in one of the committee rooms to  councilors before the full council meeting .I hope a few turn up and allow me the opportunity to speak from my heart about caring for my mum, the life stories I receive and the people I meet .I also have reports on my letters and campaign for each and every councilor including one produced by social work Glasgow
With thanks to councilor Kerr executive councilor for social care and SW Glasgow for setting this up and a big thank you to my wee mum for everything that she is and I can’t wait to get her home
Son ,carer ,awarerness campaigner

with apologies to Lockerbie carers as i was scheduled to go there early this morninig but i have to be at the hospital to learn more about changes affecting my mums discharge today ,sorry i hope we can re-arrange

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