Monday, 17 September 2012

busy day today!

We had a busy morning this morning firstly with my mums GP out to discuss my mums  week in hospital and I have made an appointment  to discuss in more detail palliative care for my mum over the coming months,also thank to Linda from my local carer center for getting back about my request for a revue of my mums care needs and agreeing it’s the right thing to do and quickly . I have asked Linda  to attend to advise and support me, I also had a meeting at home to disuses the possibility  of an interview about caring for my mum and the letters I receive for public broadcast ,more on that at a later date.This afternoon during my respite cover I popped through to meet Jackie Baillie Labour shadow health secretary to discuss their announcement of a carer champion and what the remit is and how carers will be represented ,I also invited Claire who is the carer champion to the meeting as I have no problem with their choice but feel I needed to represent the people who write and keep in touch with my own campaign .it was a private meeting but I will say now  that  they have made their decision, I hope they give Claire their full backing and opportunities to succeed as best she can .We as carers  are often spoken about by others and I myself have been patronized by many on my own journey as a campaigner, so I hope they give her the same time and respect I have had from our former health secretary Nicola Sturgeon, if Claire gets that than she has made a good decision to take up this challenge. I wish Claire,well ,as like me she is a carer trying to do her best and I am sure our paths will cross again in the near future
its mum time now ,mum has had her bath ,some dinner ,time for my bath and sit in my wee mums room on her reclyner chair and watch some telly with my best pal Joan Whitelaw


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