Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hoping to get my mum home this week, my campaign continues plans for the week ahead

I will be meeting the consultant later today to discuss results and a care plan to get my mum home hopefully at some point this week along with that my awareness campaign continues with a few talks this week .Today before visiting mum I will be popping into LTCAS to use their facilities to print out reports on my letters and get a wee bit of help with some Admin and I am grateful for the help to keep me up to date. On Wednesday morning I will be speaking at Reid Kerr College to health and social care students at the School of life sciences then on Thursday I will going to Lockerbie to speak at Lockerbie carers I am grateful to all for the invites and look forward to speaking about caring for my mum, the life stories I receive and the people I meet my desire and passion to care for my mum and raise awareness continues with many more talks lined up over the next weeks and months
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