Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dementia, Caring and raising awareness , my passion to care for my mum and bring more understanding and help

My we mum has been out of hospital for a couple of days now and the reality of where we are in this journey is all to real and painful in many ways .Our own personal Journey has been a struggle to honest with a lack of understanding within and a lack of understanding all to often towards .I raise awareness because if we understood more from the beginning my mum would have had a better journey from day one. Add to this the all to often lack of understanding by too many people we have come into contact with over the last 5 years and we discover with a great sadness ,missed opportunities to enjoy and cherish memories and better days .the balance of good and bad days are affected by our understanding and the understanding of others ,even at this stage approaching or end of life care its seems a grey area that know one including me can discuss in a factual or understanding way .Vascular dementia is a terminal condition and from diagnosis we should be educated ,encouraged and shaped to enjoy as many moments as we can .the chance to live should be furnished with great help and possibilities not lack of understanding and a constant cry for help and to often pain as I sit here looking back I feel great thanks and respect to the people who have given us the best help along the way ,I salute and thank them but scarred by the ones who had no passion to listen ,advise or add value
This has made me more determined to make sure all who we come into contact with over the next and probably last months or year of my mums life that they listen that I listen and together we add value to the life of a wonderful person and mum. That’s why I raise awareness; I want others to have a better journey than us and for  many others. Thats why its important to bring dementia from a whisper to shout ,not a shout in anger but a shout that inspires ,encourages and sets in place a planned journey that no matter where you are in that journey you have a chance to live ,we had no planned journey ,I am determined that others do ,that’s why I collect life stories so that all we come into contact with understand the importance of their actions ,advice and help can be the difference from a struggle or a chance to live .love and celebrate or struggle ,fall apart and fail

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