Saturday, 15 September 2012

a wee open request to carers and carer groups ......

Dear all
If you are part of a carer group I hope you can share the request below, if you are a carer I hope you can get involved
I would like if possible the opportunity to visit your carer group to discuss my campaign and some projects I am working on including a few below
Collecting life stories to take directly to Government, NHS, SW, City Councils and to help with new A report with a leading university
A one hour special on caring for public broadcast November 3rd
My motion at Glasgow city council  
Dementia and caring through art permanent exhibition at Gartanvel royal hospital
Update on my progress to date
I hope you can get back to soon if the above  is something your carer group might be interested in having involvement in ,to help with my campaign to help others

My awareness campaign continues, more talks added
September 12th speaking at Reid Kerr College to health and social care students
September 13th Handed reports on my letters in to Glasgow City Council
September 17th meeting Jackie ballie shadow health secretary to hear what labour carer champions mean and their remit
September 18th Meeting and speaking at Bailleston community care, carers group
September 20th NHS gg&c speaking to nurses Gartanvel royal hospital
September 26th Speaking to NHS staff Via NHS gg&c at the Lecture Theatre Royal Alexandra Hospital.
October date TBC Caledonian Uni speaking to nurse and social care students
October 3rd speaking at Springburn residential care
October 5th Speaking at NHS gg&c Event beardmore hotel
October 8th    Kirkintilloch Baptist Church (East Dunbartonshire council)
 October 12th Bearsden Baptist Church (east Dunbartonshire council)
October 18th carers link dementia support group
October speaking at the SNP conference
November 28th Angus carer group Arbroath
March 2013 Speaking at SDRCN conference

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