Monday, 3 September 2012

Caring ,Are you a carer, Have you cared for a loved one ?,then your words can help

I have been collecting life stories, thoughts and opinions from people over the last year that has helped me to paint a picture of caring for a loved one.
I have taken the information from these letters to the Scottish Government, Social Work departments in Councils, NHS and beyond.
My promise is to do all I can to raise awareness to wider society’s am using the life stories, thoughts and opinions in my own time at my own cost to take to the people I feel need to hear them not as a petition, not in protest, but to bring more understanding and raise awareness on the lives we lead Can your story help others? If you would like to help a son and full time carer do this, then please send your thoughts to
The letters I have received to date have raised motions at councils and produced papers at SW with more papers in the pipeline
I hope your words can help me do this.

Son full time carer and caring awarerness campaigner

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