Saturday, 1 September 2012

we, at this time we have no cure for Dementia but we can cure understanding, loneliness, isolation and awareness

Its another Saturday night and we sit alone like nearly every other not just Saturday, but nearly every night of this 5 year journey, in fact before my campaign you could have included   every day to that .Those words sum up how we live and why I started my campaign  Loneliness  ,Isolation ,lack of awareness and lack of understanding, words that appear in so many of the letters I receive, but not as often as LOVE sometimes that’s all we are left with, LOVE but if we threw in a but more understanding added a bit more awareness took away some of the loneliness and isolation we would all stand a better chance until a cure is found, we cant core dementia at this time  but as a society we can cure all of the above and that does not take money its takes people. people can change things .we are not alone in those struggles ,far to many people are facing similar and far to many  are facing greater struggles than my mum and i and I don’t know how they do it  
I wish you a good Saturday night

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