Monday, 17 September 2012

I have Requested A revue of my mums care needs and meeting with all involved

The last couple of months have seen a rapid decline in my mums health and dementia and through most of this journey I have always felt a step behind as I feel on the most part the people involved in supplying and assisting us in the journey and challenge to live and succeed the best we can .over the weekend I have written to social work ,Alzheimer Scotland (who social work pay to supply befrienders )my mums GP , Distirict  Nurses and my Local Carer Centre (Pollok)to attend at the same time a meeting in my house to discuss how we allow my mum to get through the next and most crucial part of this journey with the best support and the comfort we can find .there is no time any more to wait months for decisions or failed promises from anyone As I watch my mums decline its my duty as her son to speak up for her .and I have made a decision although grateful for the help if does not match my mums needs the its not help ,it’s a hindrance. I need to be assured all are up to the task as I will have to be and if mot we find people who are As much as I am reasonably happy with the support it has to move at the same pace as her health is declining and I need assurance that all are committed to help if not they go and we find someone else .Respect Dignity and comfort are the main ingredients to my mums care needs and that’s what she will get if ,I wont settle for anything less ,I have before in order to keep going but wont anymore

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