Saturday, 22 September 2012

Still fighting, still hoping and thank you for the kind words of support

My wee mum is still fighting hard to stay with us, and as was always shows us what an incredible person she is, there has been no improvement over the last days and we as a family spent some time telling mum what she means to us yesterday during a difficult part of the day As always and as with all of my mums journey with dementia she continues her fight to keep going .We know not what today will bring but I am once again convinced how privileged I am to be her son. I have hope in my heart that my mum will make it through this and will continue to do so and sit by her side as many of my family are also doing ,thank you for the kindness of family ,friends and people we have got to know through  my mums wee awareness campaign
The support is helping us through the long days and nights and we are grateful
Tommy, Joan and family  

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