Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mum coming home on Thursday ……………

Well after much discussion today we have all agreed its best to get my wee mum home to her house and son .My mum is doing better. we have discussed a care package to give us a bit of help but more importantly keep my mum as safe and comfortable as possible there are a few changes ahead in the short and long term Its all about maintaining the best standard of care and life for my mum .I spent today learning how to keep my mum hydrated and how to look out for other signs with some health issues that at this stage we are a bit concerned about but agree mum is not well enough to have investigated intrusively .this whole journey has brought constant change and adaptation to our lives and has now brought some more ,its also brought many questions ,will I be strong enough to deal with and cope with the next months ,I hope so, I hope I can match my mums courage, strength and dignity. That’s what this whole journey has been about, asking for, hoping that and sometimes demanding that my mum is treated with the kindness ,respect and dignity she showed all she met .if we can get that ,then we will get through this if we don’t we will fail and more than that be failed The months ahead will be tough but my mum will be given all the help and love I can give  and I hope the respect by all involved in this ,the most important part of this journey with dementia and all that it brings and I will be by her side every step of the way

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