Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Had the doctor out again,,,,,

Well I had to call the doctor out again last night, about a month ago my mum had a seizure and was rushed into hospital and was in for around a week. As a son who has cared for my mum for 5 years now, I know in my heart where we are for the first week after getting home my mum seemed much brighter and a bit stronger, but this has been changing on a weekly basis since.We are having great trouble with my mum swallowing, she is not eating so well but its liquids that are the bigger problem as my mum will not take them and when she does wont swallow and that is causing some choking ,we are concerned about a few things including dehydration and the doctor has taken lots of blood to check a few things,the district nurses will come this morning to take more .We had a wee chat about possibly admitting my mum for fluids but I have put that off till the results come back this afternoon .I feel hospital admissions might become more frequent now. But we have to do all we can to limit those occasions and allow her to stay at home beside her son for two reasons my wee mum needs me and I most certainly need her.After 5 years facing dementia and how ill my mum is at this point you convince yourself you are prepared for the worst .when my mum had her seizure a month ago I realized I am no more prepared for the worst than I was 5 years ago when this journey started when I was prepared for nothing

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