Friday, 7 September 2012

Just got home from the hospital.......


I have just got back from visiting my wee mum ,my mums big sister Margaret and cousin Joan came with me and for as little as my mum can  say these days ,she told a story with her eyes and smile .I love seeing my mum with her sister ,they are the last of very big family and these moments are important ,my mum could not take her eyes of her even when I was giving her a wee rice pudding .my mum is looking better but it’s a strange process for me seeing my mum in a different environment. Caring for my mum at home our day is built on the best routines we can find and ours  like most people caring are built to get through and if we get through today that allows us to get ready to make it through tomorrow .it was glorious to see my mums reaction when we walked into the ward but down side is  I can and see how much this journey has taken out of my mum and although she needs stay in for the next few days and its for the best I wish I could have brought her home to her wee house with me .its a night of mixed emotions, celebrating  my mums smile but trying to accept how much this has all taken out of her  sometimes  you have to take a step back to understand what’s right in front of you  

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