Thursday, 19 April 2012

Can a letter and Life Story Bring More Help and Understanding?

Can a letter and Life Story Bring More Help and Understanding?
I believe they can, I had a positive meeting today with government civil servants as I have had in the past with the Deputy First Minister, I Have never put a heading or claim on this campaign but I have always believed telling our own stories in our own words will be more powerful and helpful than we may think .
What is dementia?  What is a carer? , I know what they are not, they are not a statistic, or a sound byte or a headline they are Husbands, Wives .Sons , Daughters, Family members ,we have to remind and show people how we live how we feel and remind them of the love ,care and dedication it takes and we give
That’s  why I collect  and believe in life stories ,I hope if you have a story you would like to share, a story that will help bring more understanding to not only the powers that be but to the wider public then you will e mail it to me
You can e mail to
I listen to often to others describing how we live and feel, we are more than capable of describing this ,our lives in our words
I hope you will share with others and help make the most of this chance to be heard


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