Thursday, 12 April 2012

NHS, Tommyontour Film Going up on Web Sites and Talks Planned

Good morning
A few weeks ago I spoke to heads of departments within NHS Glasgow, This was organised by Daniel Connelly from the NHS Community Engagement Team.
This has resulted in my film going up on some NHS web sites under A Carers Experience along with planned talks within various departments under the heading A carers Journey. I would like to thank Daniel and all concerned for taking the time to listen to me that day and for their great input in this positive outcome, as I have always said the best way to raise awareness and bring more understanding is to listen to carers and families like mine who are caring for a loved one. If you really want to know and understand how life is caring for someone THEN ASK A CARER
Once again thank you Daniel for all the help in setting. This up

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  1. Amazing stuff Thomas Well Done


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