Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dementia and Caring Lets all Get Involved ………………………….

Good Morning
The last year has been quite overwhelming and a great learning experience; I have met and been sent life stories from so many people who are caring as I do
So this is a plea keep the letters and life stories coming to help the powers that be understand better how we live and feel ,at both  Government and Local level ,they  need to hear our life stories in our words
 There are other things we need to do
Lets get all the voluntary groups and charities round the table and discuss Dementia and Caring, I have witnessed the work being done in research and the great work carer centers do in helping families get through this tragic journey,I am amazed at the work all carer centers do in their local community helping hold families together
When I first started I thought carer groups where just a place to meet and talk, they are so much more than that, the are full of great information and support
do not do this alone ,I tried and I almost  failed
So I will ask again lets all get round the table, work together and bring the best possible help and advice we can to families .I thank all who think this is a good idea and ask the ones who wont sit round the table with others to think again ,

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