Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dementia and Caring, Meeting with Deputy First Minster again 2 Weeks Today

Good Morning
As a son and carer I will have another unique opportunity again two weeks today to meet and talk with out Deputy First and Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
And I grateful for this chance to meet and talk about caring for my wee mum Joan ,the people I meet and the emails and letters I receive ,
I started this campaign a year ago as we felt lost, isolated and as a son frustrated that no one would listen to how we lived and felt I have learnt so much over the last year meeting so many families who face the same struggles as we have,along with meeting so many people doing great work to support families over the journey dementia brings
One of the reasons I continue to go out and meet people and collect life stories is the way I hear dementia and caring being discussed and described  by others.To often what I hear bears little resemblance to my life and the life’s of the people I meet. That’s why I believe in life stories ,who better to describe how we feel an live than us,the families facing this tragic illness and caring for a loved one, help me tell the true story on living with dementia and caring, direct from the people facing this journey on a daily basis .We have a Deputy First Minister who is listening and I for one believe and trust her, and until I hear or feel  otherwise will continue to relay the thoughts and opinions from carers like us  for her to hear and read about ,our lives in our words  

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