Monday, 9 April 2012

Collecting Letters Raising Awareness, Are You A Carer?

My name is Tommy whitelaw; I have been a full time carer for my mum Joan for 5 years now .My mum has Vascular Dementia
I am trying to collect without guidance and interference from others how we as carers live and feel .I handed a collection of letters over to our Deputy First Minister last November
On May 8th I go back to discuss and update on the lives of carers I meet at my talks and on my tour .If you would like to add you’re life story in you’re words to my collection please e mail at the details below We as carers can best describe how we live and feel , we as carers can help bring more understanding to the decision makers at local and national level
We as carers can help people and families who will face what we have faced in the future
You can e mail me you’re thoughts to or you can share my blog and film at the links
To view or share film at parliament


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