Saturday, 7 April 2012

Meeting Deputy First Minister Four Weeks Today,

Today is April 8th ,on May 8TH I will have what I believe is another unique opportunity to meet with our Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to hand over some more letters and life stories and discuss the thoughts  and opinions from carers like me who look after a loved one, as a son and long term carer I am grateful for this chance A chance for people like me to tell without guidance and the distortion of others how we live and feel ,This may be my last opportunity to have such a meeting and I want make sure I make the best of it .  only we know the struggles we face, the heartache we feel, the frustration, loneliness and isolation we live with, I personally struggle to witness on a daily basis Dementia doing its best to take away the greatness that is my mum along with doing its best to take away anything that I am and I spend to many days feeling helpless and unheard
I feel this is a chance for us to be heard describe how we live, how we feel and bring more understanding and help to others

Direct from us to a deputy first minister who is listening and showing interest in our words, my story is not enough, I hope you can help me collect more letters and life stories before I return on May 8th
I hear to many times give carers a voice, well there is a chance to use that voice on May 8th, you’re voice you words you’re life
I hope you can let carers you are in contact with know about this and let them have a chance to help others


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