Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dementia, Caring you’re Life Story Can Help Others …………….

My dementia awareness campaign is based on the life stories of  families and carers who have faced or are facing this tragic illness ,I truly believe the experiences we have faced and are facing at this time can help others who will have a family member diagnosed in the future. The journey and challenges we face can help bring more understanding and help for others ,.I feel we have to share our experiences with the powers that be and within the care sector in order to have them truly understand how we live and feel .Dementia and caring need to be discussed more openly and honestly in order to bring a better understanding to the wider public
our lifes in our own words ..
If you have a story or experiences you would like to share please e mail to you can also view and hear some carers I have met so far on my Tommyontour campaign reading from letters sent to me at the link below
Short film shown at parliament

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