Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dementia, Caring Time for a Rethink its Time to Talk

Good evening /morning
Once again its late at night and my wee mum is sound asleep .I pop in four or five times a night to check on her, looking at her lying there you may think would bring me peace but it doesn’t ,it just breaks my heart ,it breaks my heart because this amazing hard working caring woman is suffering and lost in the struggle with dementia .i as her son struggle to witness this destruction on a daily basis and we both struggle to cope as sit I sit here typing this I think is this the best we can do is this it ,We are both lost lonely and isolated
For the last year I have been trying to raise awareness on this tragic illness and this miserable life we lead, I get 22 hours a week and I go out doing my best to raise positive awareness  There has been many positives, the amazing carers and families I have met, the brave amazing people who have shared their life stories and sent me letters,A deputy first minister who has taken time to listen to a son ,carer and read our letters and lots of amazing people who have supported me and my campaign,
Lots of people have taken the time to listen and support me and I feel I have the right to have an opinion on dementia and caring
So here its
I would like all national groups to sit down put any differences behind them and find a way to work together, if we are all looking for the same outcomes why cant we all sit together and agree to work on each others strengths and support each others  weaknesses, the politics and egos must be put aside
If anyone has any doubt about the impact dementia or living life caring for someone with dementia or for any other reason someone needs care, then come and read my letters come and meet the people I have met come and spend a day with me I am proud of the people I have met and who have taken my campaign to heart, I am shocked by some who should understand and be listening who really don’t understand or listen, don’t let your own ambitions overtake the people you should be representing
There is a saying give carers a voice, I am shocked by the people who don’t listen and grateful for the ones that do, the point scoring has to stop
I look forward to meeting the deputy first minister again soon, at least she is listening .lets all sit together and give her something honest ,true and worth listening to and something without  Prejudice she can work on ,don’t let amazing people like my wee mum down they deserve the best care available and that can only be found by working together as one

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