Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lewy Body Society Thank you

As mentioned a few weeks ago on my campaign and travels I have been learning more about other forms of dementia, anyone who follows my campaign knows I care for my mum who has vascular dementia. A few weeks ago I was asked by someone via my blog to mention Lewy body dementia as they had a family member, who was facing this, and since then the page on the blog   with this on it has received a lot of hits
I put a wee link on my blog for people to get more info linking them to the Lewy body society, so I thank Jacqui from the society for putting a wee link to my campaign on their Facebook page the Lewy body society is based in Edinburgh and a wee link to their Facebook page is below Also a bit further afield I will be doing a video link interview with Angela from the Lewy body association based in Georgia Alabama tomorrow I linked up with Angela a few weeks ago when I was sharing my campaign ,blog and film with some groups across am America
·                                 The Lewy Body Society  Edinburgh

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