Sunday, 15 April 2012

Letters and Life Stories, They can make a Difference

For the last year I have been raising awareness on Dementia and Caring. On May 9th I meet once again with our Deputy First Minister to update on my findings over the last months ,I would like to thank all who have supported my campaign ,sent me letters ,appeared in and shared my film ,met with me ,invited me to talk and promoted Dementia awareness with me and the amazing families I have met who are facing or have faced this tragic illness This will possibly be the last time I take letters to the DFM and I really hope you can help me take the true story of living with and caring for a loved one .our own  life stories in our words can best describe how we live and how to help us
I believe in life stories I believe we are in the best position to bring more understanding and help. Too many times I hear and see people describing how we live who have no true experience ,and most disappointingly describing a life that bears no resemblance to my own, and many others
So as the son and carer of a mother who is suffering as I am on a daily basis I ask once last time,
 If you're a carer and you'd like to send a letter in, you can post it to Tommy on Tour, 39 crosslee street Glasgow g521sl. You can also email it to
Help a son and carer take the true story of living with Dementia to our government, let carers without pressure or prejudice tell their story in their own words
Help decide a better future for all

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