Monday, 23 April 2012

Dementia and Caring, Our Experiences Can be Part of Future Decisions and Strategies

Good Morning
For the last year I have been voluntarily collecting life stories from families, meeting carers and talking about dementia to anyone who will invite or listen to me
I feel with the amazing input from other carers sharing their experiences and life stories  that we now ha a great chance to be part of future discussions and change on how will live with and care for a loved one with dementia .The Deputy First Minister has introduced me to the civil servants who work on dementia at st Andrews house .I for one believe this is a unique opportunity for carers like me to take their thoughts ,feelings and life stories direct to the heart of government ,along with having an input  in future discussions and decisions I am overwhelmed by the people who have already shared the experiences and hope others will share theirs. We can only bring the best help to others if we really understand the challenges they face, this is the reason our letters are so important, we as families who have faced or are facing this tragic illness are best placed to do this and help others
I hope if you can, you will share you’re experience on living with or caring for a loved one with dementia
You can e mail me direct at    or send by letter to the address at the top of the page
Thank you
Son ,carer ,awareness campaigner

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