Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tommyontour Awareness Campaign, the Next Steps,

I had a very positive meeting last week with Government Civil Servants working on dementia and Strategies via the Deputy First Minister; this is a positive and encouraging step, this allows me to take the thoughts, feelings, letters and e mails direct to the heart of Government for the forcible future. This also allows me as a son and carer the chance to keep this campaign going in the manner it started, our words, our feelings, our life’s direct to the powers that be without interference or dilution,I have had many offers to join up with other groups or organization as this awareness campaign gains pace but I feel this has to stay as started ,true life from the people who have faced or are facing dementia and all it brings. I  will  be meeting the DFM again on may 9th and will be back in touch soon to meet with the dementia strategy civil servants to agree on how we move forward and work together on issues that come up on my tour meeting families and carers .I also hope my other plea to get all the voluntary ,charitable, funded dementia and care organizations together happens, as I feel everyone has to work together in order to bring the best possible help and understanding to all, I have many talks lined up based on this campaign,the letters and caring for my mum including one being put together along with NHS Glasgow ,I hope we can take this to other health and local authorities across Scotland ,I will update more on all above once confirmed
Please keep the letters and life stories coming, our experiences are the best and most honest way to guide and help with a better understanding and future for all
I have a few things lined up with the media at the moment to discuss and highlight dementia and caring and will update once confirmed

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